GOVERNMENT COLLEGE BIROHAR (JHAJJAR)                             (Affiliated to M.D.U. Rohtak)









                 ADMISSION BROCHURE


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                                (A State University established under Haryana Act No. XXV of 1975)

                                                ‘A’ Grade University Accredited by NAAC


                                                                                                                      No.: AC-VI/AB/F-88/19/




All the Principals/Directors of the Colleges/Institutes

affiliated to M.D.U., Rohtak.


Sub: Admission Brochure for the Academic Session 2019-20.



                I am directed to supply herewith the Admission Brochure for the session 2019-20, duly approved by the competent authorities. While making admissions to various undergraduate, postgraduate and other professional courses (except the courses in which the admissions are made by the State/Central Govt. agencies) you are requested to consult this Brochure and the relevant Ordinances. A number of Ordinances are available on the University website i.e. under heading

             It has been noticed that various colleges continue enquiring matters regarding admissions from the University without consulting the Brochure/Ordinances. Further, the students are directed by the colleges to approach the University Office(s) in connection with their queries. To avoid this situation, it is requested that the Admission Brochure and particularly Chapter-II ‘Admission Procedure and Regulations’ may be gone through carefully by the Principals/Directors and the members of the Admission Committee of the Colleges/Institutes and in case it is felt that advice from the University is absolutely essential, only then the case(s) should be referred to the University. Students may not be directed to visit the University Office for seeking approval/clarification. Their requests, if any, may be sent in one lot to the concerned branch/office so that the same may be decided expeditiously.

             It has also been noticed in the past that admissions have been made with a disregard to the procedure prescribed by the University. It is, therefore, reiterated that admissions be made only as per schedule and procedure given in the Admission Brochure and all fee, including registration fee may be charged as fixed by the University. It will be the entire responsibility of the Principal/Director of the concerned College/Institute to ensure that no wrong admission is made by the College/Institute. It is further made clear that wrong admission(s), if any, made by the College/Institute shall not be accepted/regularized by the University and the expenditure incurred on litigation in such cases by the University shall be borne by the Principal/Director of the College/Institute concerned. The Admission Brochure is also available on the University website under heading Home

              It is reiterated that to facilitate and to make it convenient, as well as to curtail postal delay, it has been decided that in future all correspondence relating to this office of the University will be made through e-mail only. You are, therefore, requested to kindly depute any responsible person to check your e-mail on almost daily basis. The University will not be responsible for communication gap, if any. At the same time, you are also requested to check University website daily to know about any urgent notification(s) etc. As far as possible, please make your all correspondence with this office through e-mail:


                                                                                                              Yours faithfully,


                                                                                                  Deputy Registrar (Academic)

                                                                                                               for Registrar

Endst. No.: AC-VI/AB/F-88/19/ Dated:

A copy of the above is forwarded to the following for information and necessary action :

1. Director General, Higher Education, Haryana, Panchkula

2. Dean College Development Council, M.D.U. Rohtak

3. Director (Sports), M.D.University, Rohtak.

4. HOD (Physical Education), M.D.U. Rohtak.

4. Director, Public Relations Office, M.D.University, Rohtak.

5. Director, University Computer Centre, M.D.University, Rohtak with the request to

take action regarding the relevant points mentioned in the Brochure apart from

arranging the uploading of the Brochure on the University website.

6. The Assistant Registrar (R&S), M.D.U., Rohtak.

7. The Assistant Registrar (Colleges), M.D.U., Rohtak.

8. P.A. to Vice-Chancellor/Dean Academic Affairs/ Registrar/ Controller of

Examinations, M.D.U. Rohtak for kind information of the latter.

9. Superintendent (Academic)-II, M.D.U. Rohtak.



                                                                                                Deputy Registrar (Academic)

                                                                                                        for Registrar



























(Except for the courses where admissions are made by the State/Central Government agencies)

(i) Schedule of dates for admission to Under-Graduate (including Hons.) Certificate/Diploma/Professional and other U.G. Courses being run in the affiliated Colleges/Institutes for the session 2019-20:

(a) Calling of application admission forms                                : 08.06.19

(b) Last date of receipt of forms                                                 : 28.06.19

(c) Display of 1st Merit List                                                        : 02.07.19

(d) Display of 2nd Merit List                                                      : 09.07.19

(e) Commencement of teaching                                                  : 16.07.19

(ii) In case of seats remaining vacant after 15th July, 2019, the late admission may be allowed on merit basis by the Principal/Director concerned with a late fee as under:-

16 July 2019 to 24 July 2019                                Rs.100/-

25 July 2019 to 31 July 2019                                Rs. 200/-

01 August 2019 to 08 August 2019                      Rs. 500/-

09 August 2019 to 15 August 2019                      Rs. 1000/-

16 August 2019 to 22 August 2019                      Rs. 2000/- (with the permission

                                                                                                of Vice-Chancellor)

However, in the case of extreme hardship Vice-Chancellor may allow condone the delay for admission after 22 August 2019 with admissible late fee. The list of students so admitted be sent alongwith Registration Return.

(iii) Candidates who have compartment/re-appear in one or more paper(s) in the

qualifying examinations shall not be allowed admission in 1st semester of the course in any case.

(iv) There will be no admission by the College/Institute after the above schedule in order to maintain the statutory provision of clear 90 teaching days per semester. If the number of teaching days falls short due to some unforeseen reasons, it shall be the responsibility of the Principal/Director and the concerned teacher to make good the loss by taking extra classes.

(v) The admission for promoted students be made by 15th July, 2019 positively. Thereafter, the admission will be made with late fee as above. The late fee so charged from the students by the Colleges/Institutes shall be remitted to the University along with Continuation Return.

(vi) The Institutes/Gurukuls running OT/MIL Courses shall seek the approval of the University for admission schedule for these courses.